What is Foot Zoning?

God has very kindly given us ways to work on problems in our bodies.  Amazingly, our entire body is “mapped” into our feet.  This means that areas on the feet correspond to and represent every single part of our body.  There’s an area representing the heart, the thyroid, the left hip joint, the pituitary gland, the right thumb, etc.  By “working over” the feet in specific ways, we can send a message to each area in the body to wake up and do what it’s supposed to do.  This idea is at the heart of Foot Zoning, a modality that uses a specific protocol on our body’s foot map to be able to help us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What’s the Difference between Foot Zoning and Reflexology?

Both of these sciences or modalities are based on the same idea of the body being mapped into the feet, but Foot Zoning differs from reflexology in that requires a complete protocol to be performed on both feet in each session.  This strengthens the entire body gradually as it is able and makes it possible for your body to make improvements in the priority order it needs to.  It also helps to assure that your body will be strong enough to handle dealing with problems when it’s ready to.

When someone is getting a full Foot Zone regularly, their body can then handle what is referred to as “partial zones”, which is to just work on specific problem areas.

What is “Foot Zoning, the Full Basic Zone” class?

The Sole Academy offers a 3-day beginning Foot Zoning class where you learn the complete Foot Zone and can then begin to practice it on people.  At this point you are not certified to do it professionally, but you can practice giving foot zones, which will bless many people and help you to develop your skills.

How can I become certified to be able to do Foot Zoning professionally?

Certification in the State of Utah requires that you receive 80 hours of training and then also perform 50 complete Foot Zones on people.  The Sole Academy has an 84-hour curriculum and will make it possible for you to meet all the requirements.

After the beginning 3-day class you can start performing the required 50 practice zones and also continue on if you wish to take 9 more 1-day classes that are more advanced.  In these classes you will learn the anatomy of the body and more details of various steps of the Foot Zone.  These 9 classes are each stand-alone classes and can be taken and paid for individually as you are ready for them.

How can I sign up for the beginning 3-day class (Foot Zoning, the Full Basic Zone) and then the 9 advanced classes?

Julie Cheney (801-472-7506) is the head of The Sole Academy.  We have teachers in Brigham City, North Salt Lake, North Orem, Payson, Elk Ridge, and Salem at the current time.  To find out more about available classes, Contact Us.



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