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Currently, our classes are available as live classes with an instructor and are Utah-based.  For scheduling a class in your area if you live away from Utah County, click here.

Foot Zoning, the Full Basic Zone

This is a 3-day, beginning-level class, where you learn the entire zone and can then begin to practice on friends, family, and others.  At this level you are not yet certified to work as a professional (i.e. to charge money), but you can become a certified Foot Zoner by completing 50 full practice zones on people, taking the 9, one-day-each Advanced Classes as you are able, and completing the final exam.

The Full Basic Zone class is available both locally in Utah, where all of the people teaching the curriculum of The Sole Academy are located, and through personal arrangements elsewhere in Utah and the U.S.  For details on arranging to have a class held in your area, contact us at:

To register for the beginning 3-day class, contact Julie Cheney to find out where and when classes are available (, 801-472-7506).  Also look into our Home Study option for this class:  Home Study.

The 9 Advanced Classes …

… are one day each and can be taken in any order as you are able to arrange your schedule to take them.  When you have completed all of the classes and performed at least 50 practice Foot Zones on people, you can take the final exam and then be qualified as a Certified Foot Zoner to practice professionally in the State of Utah.  This certification is generally transferable to other states, but you will have to check with your own state’s requirements to be sure.

The 9 Advanced Classes are:

1.  Energy & Intention

2.  The Nervous System

3.  The Endocrine System

4.  The Digestive System

5.  The Structural System

6.  The Circulatory System

7.  The Lymphatic & Respiratory Systems

8.  The Excretory System

9.  Zone & Review

Final Exam

These classes go into detail on the anatomy of each system, teach more in-depth Foot Zoning movements within each one, and cover how Foot Zoning can affect things in each of these systems.

The 9 Advanced Classes are currently only available in the Utah area but will available elsewhere in the U.S. through personal arrangements beginning in June, 2017.

To Register for any of the 9 Advanced Classes, look at the Class Schedule, pick the class you would like to register for, pay the $20 registration fee online by clicking on this link, and then contact the Julie Cheney, the instructor for the Advanced Classes, at telling her the class you’re registering for including the date of the class. The balance of the tuition is due when the class starts. Click on this link to read our complete refund policy.

Online Courses are not currently available, but we are doing test studies right now to check the feasibility of this option.

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