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Learning Foot Zoning is typically best done in a live class, and this, of course, is mandatory for those wanting to become Certified Foot Zoners.  But for some people, learning through a home-study course is a very viable option.

And with The Sole Academy of Foot Zoning, that’s a option!

Home-Study Curriculum.

                          Here’s what Julie has to say about it:


                          Here’s what Kisi has to say about it:


You can purchase the curriculum for the beginning 3-day class, “Foot Zoning, the Full Basic Zone”, as a home-study course for $265. (Note: when we made the video above, we didn’t have the Flip Chart yet as part of the curriculum.  Now that we have it, it has added $30 to the cost of the Home Study, making it $265 instead of $235.)
Our Home-Study Curriculum will include:

•  our wonderful Student Manual

•  6 weeks of access to the online Foot Zoning videos

•  a laminated Foot Zoning Chart

•  a laminated copy of the Foot Zoning Steps

•  a flip chart


Option to Upgrade to a Live Class:

While our Home-Study Course will be the perfect option for some people to learn how to do the Basic Zone, some people who begin that way will find that they need to or want to take the actual live, in-person 3-day class to get the best learning or to start the path to Certification.  Once you’ve purchased the Home-Study Course, you can upgrade it to the in-person class at any time for an additional $235.  If you do that, you will have spent the same as if you had taken the class in the first place ($265 + $235 = $500) and gotten the materials then.  If you upgrade to the class, you, along with everyone in the class, will receive another 6 weeks of access to the online Foot Zoning videos, so you will be at no disadvantage, and you will also receive the Foot Zoning Flip Chart that comes with the live class. (See Flip Chart below).

This option will give those who want it a chance to work on learning the Zone on their own at home with no financial risk.  If you decide it doesn’t work for you to learn things without a live person teaching you, you can upgrade and opt into a class at any time.

There are, of course, definite advantages to learning the Zone in a live class:

•  You will have other students to Zone and to have Zone you as you learn from a teacher who is there to give you feedback on how you’re doing.

•  You will have someone to ask questions of and will receive a lot more detail than is possible to put in the book.

•  You will learn a lot of anatomy and the meaning behind the steps of the Zone which will help everything to make better sense to you and will help you to remember the steps of the Zone more easily (a strong point for a live class).

•  You will learn the whole Zone in only 3 days and will be ready to start Zoning people immediately.  (This one is hard to beat!!)

•  To become certified you have to complete the live class, so this puts you on your way.

However, there’s no loss to you to start out by just buying the materials through the Home-Study Option first.  They are exactly the same materials that you would receive in a class.

Flip Chart:

The Flip Chart is a wonderful tool for helping you memorize the Zone.  It makes it possible to easily flip through the pages as you Zone someone and not have to ruin your student manual with greasy, lotioned fingers.  This Flip Chart comes as part of the curriculum materials with the Home Study class.  The costs of all the classes are actually the same, but it looks like it isn’t.  Here’s the breakdown:

The Home Study Course:  $265

A Live Class for a Home Study student:  $235.

And $265 + $235 = $500, the same as if you had taken the live class in the first place.

Foot Zoning Tools:

We are a school who uses and loves Foot Zoning tools.  There are wooden ones, ceramic ones, resin ones, stone ones, crystal ones … It has become so easy to find these online for a great price that we are not going to try to be a provider for them. Here are pictures of a wooden tool and resin tool that are very popular among Foot Zoners.  You can find both of these and more on amazon.com listed under “Thai Reflexology Tools” for about $3.50-$5 with free shipping.


Testimonial of the Home Study Course:

Here is my experience with the home study course:

I was so excited when I found a home study course available to learn the foot zone. I was even more excited to find out that the cost of the home study course would go toward the cost of the live class if I decided to pursue it. There really was nothing to lose!

Within a few days I had the textbook and supplies in my hands, and access to the videos. The curriculum is very well done. I enjoyed learning it so much that I signed up for the live class.
I would suggest taking the home study course to anyone wanting to take the live class. It was so helpful to attend class the first day already familiar with the textbook, videos, and fundamentals of foot zoning. Coming with a base knowledge made it easier to focus on learning the techniques. I have been very impressed and plan to take the advanced courses as well!
-Sara M.

Purchasing the Home-Study Curriculum:

If you would like to purchase the Home Study Course, click on the link below, which will take you to our Terms of Service and then contact Julie Cheney to arrange payment and shipping.  Text Julie at 801-472-7506, email her at thesoleacademy@gmail.com.

We will set up your online Foot Zoning video access using the email you give Julie.

The Home-Study Course TERMS OF SERVICE (<– click to purchase).

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