Home Study Course Terms of Service

By purchasing The Sole Academy of Foot Zoning, LLC’s Home Study Course, you the purchaser and the user/recipient (if a person other than you) agree to the following Terms of Service:

The Sole Academy of Foot Zoning, LLC is referred to in this document as The Sole Academy.  The curriculum materials of The Sole Academy include but are not limited to video clips, student manuals, Foot Zoning charts and Flip Charts, and lists of Foot Zoning steps, hereinafter referred to as “materials”.  The user/recipient of the materials is referred to as “user”.  This term also includes the purchaser if the purchaser is the one intending to use the materials.

Acknowledgement of Legal Foot Zoning Practices:

User hereby acknowledges and certifies that as Foot Zoners we are not licensed medical personnel and have no right to diagnose nor prescribe. To do so would be both inappropriate and illegal. The purpose of Foot Zoning is not to “treat” illness, and we do not make claims that Foot Zoning “heals” disease. Rather, the purpose of Foot Zoning is merely to encourage the body to cleanse, improve circulation, and increase in energy.

Acknowledgement of Copyrighted Materials:

User hereby acknowledges and certifies that he/she understands that all materials used for this Foot Zoning Course, whether for Home Study, for live class, or for online class, including all curriculum materials of The Sole Academy of Foot Zoning, LLC, are copyrighted materials and are not to be copied, photographed, screenshot, downloaded, reproduced, or circulated in any way. This applies to all written material and all digital material, including both e-books and video clips.

User understands that each set of materials and/or Home Study Course is to be used by one individual only.  Each person wanting to use the materials in any way must purchase a set of their own materials.  None of the materials can be resold.  User agrees to not make any group showings of the materials or to use the materials in any way to teach others Foot Zoning until he/she is licensed by The Sole Academy to do so.

Laws Governing Foot Zoning:  User acknowledges that each state in the United States has its own laws governing the practice of Foot Zoning and agrees to follow the laws of whichever state he/she resides in or is practicing Foot Zoning in.

Problems with Technology:  The Sole Academy has done its best to make the training videos useable by people with average computer technology and skills.  The user acknowledges that it is his/her responsibility to have the computer technology and skills required to play the videos successfully and that low-speed internet connections or old computer technology could interfere with the user’s ability to watch the videos successfully.  This problem is not the responsibility of The Sole Academy to fix.  If there are problems with the website, it is the user’s responsibility to contact us (thesoleacademy@gmail.com) and we will work to solve any problems on our end within 3 business days or as soon as is possible.  Problems with the internet that are outside of our control are not within the scope of The Sole Academy’s responsibility.

The Sole Academy provides internet access for the training videos to users within 3 business days from the date of purchase, and the access is granted for 6 weeks from that time.  Users may purchase 6 additional weeks of video access for $50 by contacting us at anytime.

The Sole Academy does not provide CD’s nor downloads of the videos or other materials ever.

No-Return Policy
The Sole Academy’s materials and the Home Study package are not returnable nor refundable.  All sales are final.

The Sole Academy has the right to change these Terms of Service at any time without prior notice.

By purchasing The Sole Academy’s Home Study Course, you the purchaser and the user/recipient (if a person other than you) agree to all of the above Terms of Service.

To now purchase the Home Study Course and receive the materials, please contact Julie Cheney.  You can work out with her the best way to arrange payment and shipping.  Text Julie at 801-472-7506, email her at thesoleacademy@gmail.com.

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