The curriculum of The Sole Academy has been created to make it possible for anyone and everyone to learn Foot Zoning.  Some people want to learn it for a professional career, while others only want to learn enough to bless their families.  Some have the money to pay for it all at once, while others need to take it over time to help spread out the financial cost. Our curriculum has been developed with both in mind.

We do, however, encourage everyone interested to learn the whole curriculum eventually because the more you learn, the better you will become at helping those you serve. There is so much more to Foot Zoning that most people realize.

Whether you want to become a Certified and professional Foot Zoner or just learn how to zone in order to bless your family and friends, you begin by taking our initial 3-day class, Foot Zoning, the Full Basic Zone.  If you want to continue on from there to become Certified and be able to work professionally as a Foot Zoner, you will need to take our 9 additional, one-day-each Advanced Classes, complete 50 practice zones on people, and pass the final exam.


Foot Zoning, the Full Basic Zone

Our first class is taught over 3 days and teaches all the basic movements of the Foot Zone. After taking this class, you will be able to do complete practice foot zones on people, and can count these towards the 50 practice zones that you need for Certification, if you choose to continue on.

Advanced Classes

Then there are 9, one-day-each, in-depth classes that can be taken in any order, over a period of time that works for each individual. These classes ensure that a person wanting to have a professional understanding and ability with the Foot Zone will be able to succeed.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) — another option

As a second option to 2 of the Advanced Classes (Energy & Intention and Zone & Review), students can take the 3¼-day workshop called “Christ-Centered Healing Tools & CranioSacral Therapy”.  To perform CST professionally, a license to touch, such as a massage license or physical therapy license is required.  But the principles learned in this workshop can greatly enhance the skills of any Foot Zoner.

For a more detailed description of the classes or to register for classes, click on: Register for Classes.


Certification in the State of Utah requires that a student complete a minimum of 80 hours of instruction, complete 50 practice zones on people, and pass a final exam.

The Sole Academy offers 2 paths to Certification:  Route 1 and Route 2.  Click on the link below to see a flow chart of the 2 routes (and click on the back button to get back to this page when you’re done):

2 Routes to Certification

The Route 1 path to Certification is 88 hours of instruction, and the Route 2 path is 100 hours.

In addition to this, we offer our students individual support through our teachers while they are completing their first 50 Foot Zones and preparing to take the final exam.  By completing our entire program, students will be “Certified” and will have fulfilled all the necessary requirements to become members of the Utah Foot Zone Association and be legal professionals within the State of Utah.

Class Location and Pricing:

The Sole Academy is located in Utah County and most classes are taught there.  It is possible, however, to arrange for classes to be taught in your area.  For information on that, click here.

When taught in Utah County, the initial 3-day class, Foot Zoning, the Full Basic Zone, costs $500, the 9 Advanced Classes cost $125 each, and Christ-Centered Healing Tools & CranioSacral Therapy costs $300. Prices vary for classes taught elsewhere, depending on the travel time and expenses of the instructor. For more details on the pricing of classes taught outside of Utah County, click here.

The Final Exam is both a written exam and the performance of a complete Foot Zone.  It costs $150.

Added together, becoming a Certified Foot Zoner through The Sole Academy costs a total of $1,775 for Route 1 and $1,825 for Route 2.

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