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Foot Zoning & CranioSacral Therapy Classes

Fall 2020  (Utah)


Brigham City


Elk Ridge

What day:

mostly Tuesdays




9 – 5

9 – 5

11:00 – 2:30


Marné Fox

Kisi Watkins

Julie Cheney

FZ CLASSES: Marné,  alternate Tues. & Weds.
 Kisi, Thurs & Fridays

Julie, Tuesdays 

•  Beginning 3-day class Aug. 19-21 (2020) TBA Every Tues. beg. Oct. 6 (2020) for 18 wks
•  Energy & Intention Sept. 9
• Digestive System Sept. 16 TBA
•  Excretory & Lymphatic Sys. Sept. 22 TBA
•  Circulatory & Respiratory Sys. Sept. 29 TBA
•  Sensory Oct. 7 TBA
•  Structural System Oct. 13 TBA
•  Nervous System Oct. 21 TBA
•  Endocrine Oct. 27 TBA
•  Energy & Intention
•  Foot Zone & Review TBA
• One on One w/ Instructor Schedule Privately
• Final Written Exam

Schedule Privately


•  FZ your Instructor

Schedule Privately

Schedule Privately

Schedule Privately

•  Christ-Centered Healing Tools


& CranioSacral Therapy 1 TBA
How to Do Cranios on the Feet








The Beginning Foot Zoning Class is 3 days and costs $500.

The Advanced Foot Zoning Classes are 1 day each and cost $125 each.

CranioSacral Therapy 1 and CranioSacral Therapy 2 are 3 days each and cost $300 each.

To register for any classes, please check first with the instructor by text or email to make sure there is room in the class for you.  Then from the home page, click on the link for “Registration Deposit” and pay the $20 registration fee for the correct option:  1)  a Beginning FZ Class,  2)  an Advanced FZ Class,  3) a CranioSacral Therapy Class.  Then please email the instructor for that class and tell her which class you have just registered for by class name, date, and location.  Also include your name, email, and cell.  The balance of the class tuition is due at the beginning of the class.

Contact Marné Fox,, or by text 435-740-0184.

Contact Kisi Watkins,, or by text 801-830-6231.

Contact Julie Cheney,, or by text 801-472-7506.


For more information about 2020 dates, contact us at


The Sole Academy offers two routes to certification:

1)  The 3-day Beginning Class + 9 Advanced FZ Classes + 50 practice zones


2)  The 3-day Beginning Class + 7 Advanced FZ Classes + Christ-Centered Healing Tools & CranioSacral Therapy + 50 practice zones

Click here for more details:   2 Routes to Certification.2.



Registering for any class (except the free Christ-Centered Healing Tools class) requires a semi-non-refundable online deposit of $20.  The balance of the tuition for each class is due at the beginning of the first day of class.  With the exception of working things out privately with the instructor of a class, deposits must be made 1 week before the class starts so that everyone has time to arrange for child-care for their kids and travel arrangements for those coming in from out-of-town.

To register for a class, pick the class and date you want to sign up for, email that information to the instructor, and go to this link to pay the $20 registration deposit.  

For most classes to carry, a minimum of 4 students must be registered for the class. If your class doesn’t carry, or if you cancel by email to the instructor of that class a week or more before the class begins, your deposit will be refunded.  Click here to read our complete refund policy.


Tuition and Class Lengths:

 Foot Zoning, the Full Basic Zone  3 days, 9-5 $500
 The Advanced FZ Classes  1 day ea., 9-5  $125 each

 Final Written Exam & Passing a FZ

1/2 day $150
 Christ-Centered Healing Tools  1 evening, 7-9  Free
 CranioSacral Therapy 1  3 days, 9-6 $300
 Foot Zoning Review  1 day, 9-4 $75
 Foot Zoning Night  2 1/2 hrs, 6:30-9 $20

* After completing all 9 of the Advanced classes, you can register for the Final Exam, which includes a Written Exam and also successfully performing a complete Foot Zone on your instructor.

For information on how to arrange for classes to be taught outside of the Utah County area, click here.

One of our instructors Kisi Watkins also teaches CranioSacral Therapy. Her 3¼-day workshop Christ-Centered Healing Tools & CranioSacral Therapy 1 can be substituted for the 2 Advanced Classes “Energy & Intention” and “Zone & Review”. This 26-hour workshop costs $300, but the beginning 2-hr. class “Christ-Centered Healing Tools” is free and open to the public. The schedule above shows the next times this workshop will be offered.  For more detailed information on this workshop, click here:  Christ-Centered Healing Tools & CranioSacral Therapy 1.



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