Wonderfully, our long-awaited Flip Chart is available!!



Here’s a short video about it:   Flip Chart

In a nutshell, each Flip Chart is:

•  5 ½” x 8 ½”

•  printed on cardstock with a roll-on laminate coating for protections against greasy foot zoning fingers

•  only available to students of The Sole Academy.  (By purchasing a Flip Chart, you are verifying that you are one of our students and that this Flip Chart is for your personal use.)

•  Pay now online and select whether we’re mailing it to you or you’re picking it up.

•  $27 + tax + $3.90 shipping (no shipping if you select the self-pick-up option)


To purchase, select one of the following two PayPal buttons:

  1.  Select the first button to have us mail you your Flip Chart.
  2.  Select the second button to pick it up yourself from one of 3 locations in Utah:
    • Julie’s new house in Elk Ridge (276 N. Elk Ridge Dr.)
    • Kisi’s house in Provo (554 E. 4380 N.)
    • Marné’s house in Brigham City (472 S. 100 E.)


If we’re mailing it to you, select this button AND TELL US YOUR NAME, SHIPPING ADDRESS, EMAIL, AND CELL NUMBER IN THE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS. We have to verify that you’re one of our students, so be sure to use a PayPal account or credit card that is in your name.


If you’re picking up your Flip Chart, select this button, and use the drop-down menu to select WHERE YOU’RE PICKING IT UP FROM, and also put YOUR NAME, EMAIL, AND CELL NUMBER IN THE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS. :

Pick-up Location


Contact Kisi if you have trouble with your purchase:

kisi@thesoleacademy.com, 801-830-6231 cell.

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