Review & Specialty Class Series

This is a special series of Review Foot Zoning Classes and Specialty Topic Classes taught by Julie Cheney for people who have already completed the regular classes or pre-requisites for each specialty class.


  • WHERE: Either in Elk Ridge or in Payson, UT, depending on the number of students in each class.
  • WHEN: Every Wednesday from 12 – 2:30, starting October 14th, 2020
  • COST: $30 each class.
  • WHAT: We will start with reviewing the zone.
    • Oct. 14th  Area A
    • Oct. 21st  Area B
    • Oct. 28th  Area C
    • Nov. 4th    Area D Part 1
    • Nov. 11th  Area D Part 2
    • Nov. 18th  Area D Part 3
Then we will break a week for Thanksgiving and start again on Dec 2. At this point we will be learning specific topics. So if it is “Eye Sight” then you will need to have attended the Sensory Class previous to coming, If it is the “Spine” then you will need to have attended the Structural Class, etc. If I do one like how to “Zone a Baby” you will only need to have taken the basic course to attend.  I will announce these class topics and the corresponding prerequisite class one up-coming month at a time. So by the first week in November, I will put out a list of classes for December and so forth. I will continue these until May of 2021.
Please feel free to suggest/request certain topics by texting it to me or sending me a Voxer Message, 801-472-7506. These will be very hands-on classes and you will be invited to bring people with applicable problems to what we are learning. For example, if we do a day for the Spine you can bring someone with a spine problem to work on, I will also try to bring in people. Because of this it is not going to be a remotely broadcasted class – you will need to attend in person.
Because location depends upon numbers of people attending, I need everyone to register for class by texting me the dates you will be attending. This will help me to know which location to use for each class and to notify everyone where to come for class.
The 2.5 hours for each class is going to go by fast, and we are going to have a lot to learn each week, so please make sure to eat a good lunch before coming. You will need the focus and energy that food will give you. Also, so we do not spend any of this time on money, please plan ahead on the matter of payment. If you will be paying with Cash or Check, then I will have an envelope somewhere at class that you can just put it in and write your name on it and I will record it later. If you want to pay with Venmo, then please do that the day before so that we are not trying to do that before, during, or after class.
Many of you still have my old cell.  My new cell number is
Text me to get my Venmo ID if needed.
Here’s the schedule for the Specialty Classes for the month of December:
  • Dec. 2nd    –
  • Dec. 9th     –
  • Dec. 16th   –
  • Dec. 23rd   –
  • Dec. 30th   –

(These will be posted at the beginning of the previous month, so for December, we’ll post the classes at the beginning of November.)

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