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What is Foot Zoning?

Heavenly Father has very kindly given us ways to work on problems in our bodies.  Amazingly, our entire body is “mapped” into our feet.  This means that there are areas in the feet that correspond to and represent every single thing in our body.  There’s an area representing the heart, the thyroid, the left hip joint, the pituitary gland, the right thumb, etc.  By doing specific movements on each area on the feet, we can send a message to that area in the body to wake up and do what it’s supposed to do.

What is the difference between Foot Zoning and Reflexology?

Foot Zoning differs from reflexology in that requires a complete protocol to be performed on both feet in each session.  This strengthens the entire body gradually as it is able and makes it possible for your body to make improvements in the priority order it needs to.  It also helps to assure that your body will be strong enough to handle dealing with problems when it’s ready to.

What is “Foot Zoning, the Full Basic Zone” class?

The Sole Academy offers a 3-day beginning Foot Zoning class where you learn the complete Foot Zone and can then begin to practice it on people.  At this point you are not certified to do it professionally (i.e. to charge money), but you can practice giving foot zones, which will bless many people help you to develop your skills.

How can I become certified to be able to do Foot Zoning professionally?

After the beginning 3-day class you may continue on if you wish to take 9 more 1-day classes that are more advanced.  In these classes you will learn the anatomy of the body and more details of various steps of the Foot Zone.  These 9 classes are each stand-alone classes and can be taken and paid for individually as you are ready for them.

Upon completing all of the classes, you can take the final exam when you are ready.  When you have passed the final exam, you will be a Certified Foot Zoner (CFZ).

Certification in the State of Utah requires that you receive a minimum of 80 hours of training and then also perform 50 complete Foot Zones on people.  The Sole Academy of Foot Zoning has an 87-hour curriculum and will make it possible for you to meet all the requirements.

How can I sign up for the beginning 3-day class (Foot Zoning, the Full Basic Zone) and then the 9 advanced classes?

Kisi Watkins (kwatki2@gmail.com) teaches the beginning 3-day class, and

Julie Cheney (thesoleacademy@gmail.com) teaches the advanced classes.

Check out the class schedule, see what class you would like to register for, and then contact the instructor for that class via email.

The Sole Academy also offers an alternate route to becoming Certified.  You can take Kisi Watkins’ 26-hr. CranioSacral Therapy workshop and substitute it for 2 of the Advanced Foot Zoning classes (Energy & Intention and Foot Zoning & Review).  This route costs $50 more but adds CranioSacral Therapy to your skills and knowledge.  Click here for more information on this workshop:  CranioSacral Therapy.

How can I arrange for classes to be taught in my area if I live outside of Utah or too far away from Utah County?

Contact Kisi Watkins (kwatki2@gmail.com), who is our traveling instructor.  You just need 4-10 people (the minimum number depending on the class and the location), and a place to teach it (which could easily be in the home of the facilitator).

Needed equipment is simple:

  •  Foot Zoning classes just need chairs and either a a flat-screen TV or digital projector.

  •  CranioSacral Therapy classes need chairs and 1 massage table (or 1 mitylite-type table + a foam pad) for every 2 students; and a white board and easel to put it on.

Contact Kisi for more details and to make arrangements (kwatki2@gmail.com).

Currently only the Foot Zoning, Full Basic Zone and CranioSacral Therapy classes are available outside of Utah, but the 9 Advanced Classes will also be available outside of Utah through personal arrangements beginning January, 2016.

Although other options are possible, the typical way of doing a series of classes outside of Utah is to have all 10 of the classes done in four 3-day sets, a  month or more apart:  The Full Basic Zone (3 days), Advanced Classes 1-3 (3 days), Advanced Classes 4-6 (3 days), and Advanced Classes 7-9 (3 days).

Where are classes taught and how much do they cost?  How much does Certification cost?

The Sole Academy is located in Utah County and most classes are taught there.  It is possible, however, to arrange for classes to be taught in your area.  For information on that scroll up or, click here.

The initial 3-day class, Foot Zoning, the Full Basic Zone, costs $470, and the 9 Advanced Classes cost $125 each, when taught in Utah County. Prices vary for classes taught elsewhere, depending on the travel time and expenses of the instructor. For more details on the pricing of classes taught outside of Utah County, click here.

The Final Exam is both a written exam and the performance of a complete Foot Zone.  It costs $150.

Added together, becoming a Certified Foot Zoner through The Sole Academy costs a total of $1,745.  The alternate route which adds in CranioSacral Therapy costs $1,795.

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